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for vulnerable youth in Coquitlam

Mini Program

Kateslem Mini After-School Program

The Kateslem Mini After School Program operates at Birchland, Glen and Nestor Elementary Schools, in Coquitlam.

This Program will provide student academic support and lessons that help build self-esteem, confidence and concentration… to help foster positive development, and guide students towards success.

Kateslem Mini Program Includes:

  • Homework Support

One-to-one instruction, combined with independent learning, to ensure each child understands homework expectations and organization.

  • Health & Safety

Awareness and informative lessons on personal health & hygiene, and safety.

  • Visual Arts

Using different art medias, while using creativity and imagination to create individual or group masterpieces.

  • Master Chef Junior

Fun and healthy recipes that are low-cost and kid-friendly.  Learn techniques and strategies used in the kitchen.

  • Creative Writing

Enhance creativity, confidence and writing skills, by composing stories.

  • Gardening

Hands-on learning through our community garden.  Promotes responsibility, and extends the learning experience outdoors.

  • Board Games

Fostering focus and attention span, while learning such important social skills as: taking turns, self-control, sharing and communication.

  • Physical Education

Promoting endurance, flexibility and strength, through physical activity and recreational games.

  • Reading

Strengthening reading skills, by practicing, choosing the right books, and learning tips and techniques to becoming a strong reader.

  • Cinema

Time to relax and put an end to a busy week, by enjoying a family-friendly movie.


To get a PDF version of the Kateslem Mini Program information, you can open a PDF document, by clicking here.

To find out more information, Kateslem Mini Program inquiries can be made to:

Karyn Bell

Phone: 604.250.9332  Fax: 604.939.7623



Kateslem After School Program supporting Youth At Risk in Coquitlam