December 2017

Our Kateslem kids have been busy, the past while…

  • Taking a leadership cooking program at Seaview Elementary.  It has gone very well, and  they finish that on December 4th.  The kids have been asked to come back in the Spring to run another one, as it was so successful.


  • Our kids will be going to Coquitlam Centre on December 14th to make the annual Kateslem purchase of stuffed animals, which the kids donate to the Royal Columbian Hospital Pediatrics Ward.  Some of the kids will help drop these off on December 18th. We will be getting a group photo with Santa and the bears.


  • Right after Christmas break, the kids will be starting some swimming and skating lessons at the Poirier Rec Centre.


From all of us at Kateslem… to all of you… we wish you a Happy Holiday season, and all the best for 2018!

2015 Gifts from Kateslem Kids to Royal Columbian Hospital's Pediatric Department -

Photo of the Kateslem kids, with their stuffed animal donations, from a few years ago


Fall 2017

Kateslem will be having our Thanksgiving dinner at Como Lake Middle School, on Thursday, October 19th.  We will have over 100 people attending from all our schools.

We are also hosting a pumpkin carving contest at Glen Elementary on October 27th, with all 7 of our schools… which everyone is super excited about.

Stay tuned for more.

Hope everyone is having a great Fall!Kateslem After School Program supporting Youth At Risk in Coquitlam

Spring 2017

The Kateslem Kids are well into the swing of Spring, with a few different events coming up.

Dragon Boating starts at Rocky Point in April, and continues through the end of May, culminating in a race against their Senior Mentors.  Regardless of the outcome, a fun time is guaranteed for all, with a big BBQ picnic after the race.

The 2017 Kateslem ‘Walk To Protect Kids’ is on again this year, with the walk scheduled for June 23rd.  The 5 km Walk will start at Como Lake Middle School and end at Hillcrest Middle School.  You can find out more information about getting involved and pledging your support, by clicking here, or on the image below. 

Kateslem Walk to Protect Youth Poster 2017




Holiday Update

The Kateslem kids are heading to Coquitlam Center on Friday, December 9th, to pick out bears to purchase… (they will be donated to the Royal Columbian Pediatrics Ward, again this year!)

While we are at the Mall, we will also get a group picture with Santa.

And, again this year, we are making baby blankets and collecting in baby donations to donate to support the teen moms at Cabe School. (Those donations will be dropped off December 12th)

We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday, and all the best for a safe and fun 2017!

Kateslem After School Program supporting Youth At Risk in Coquitlam

Summer Garden & Back To School

We have spent all summer growing our vegetable garden (which is located at Como Lake Middle School) and the kids got to help strengthen the garden fencing we put in last year.  Here are some photos of the garden, and one of the kids helping to reinforce the fencing.

Kateslem Community Garden - Kateslem Community Garden -
Kateslem Community Garden - Kateslem Community Garden -
Kateslem Community Garden -  

Our garden is a year round project.  Every school takes a turn at looking after the gardening.  Kateslem kids grow all the veggies and fruits and use them in our program… and whatever excess we have goes home to their families. This year’s crop was the biggest ever… we had tomatoes, beans, peas, radishes, green onions, zucchinis, peppers, squash and cucumber.

We will have lots of healthy veggies to start September with!

Kateslem - Back to school - Coquitlam After School Program

Kateslem Programs start again on September 7th

Welcome Back!

Kateslem After School Program supporting Youth At Risk in Coquitlam


Kateslem Summer Updates

It has been an extremely busy year. Here are a few updates for Summer:

Our ‘Kateslem Walk To Protect Kids’ 2016:

Our Walk in June raised almost $8,000!

Thanks to all the students, parents, businesses and community groups that helped us with this fund-raiser!

See you in 2017!

Summer Program:

Our summer program is up and running at Como Lake Middle School for July…

And will be operating during August at Banting Middle School.

Dragon Boat Races:

The Kateslem Dragon Boat Team took first place in dragon boating racing this year, despite it being EXTREMELY wet!

Year End Field Trip:

The Kateslem Kids had a blast horseback riding, at the Kateslem Year End Field Trip!

Have a great Summer!

Kateslem After School Program supporting Youth At Risk in Coquitlam