Kateslem Theatre Program

The Kateslem kids at Como Lake, Banting and Summit Middle Schools have been working very hard, creating three separate theatre productions. The plays, created by the youth, are designed to educate others about Social change and methods of conflict resolution, as well as introducing themes of community healing and empowerment. 
Over a 12-week period, the youths have each created their own characters from their imagination. The characters include such diversity as, a talking carrot, zombies, a mental-health patient, a youth that is isolated and a space alien.
With the help of facilitator Gayle Hunter, they have scripted short scenes, showing the developing relationship between these characters.  In the process of the show, there are conflicts that need to be problem-solved. The situations arise from real-life experiences the youth have discussed in group, for example being bullied or inappropriate behaviour at a local business.

As characters they have role-played the situations and come up with solutions that create more positive outcomes.  In addition, the group explores the steps taken to recover from the abuse that was inflicted on the character.

Comedy Drama Masks - Kateslem After School Program

Each scene that the youth have created, contributes and reinforces the common themes in the story arcs.  The youth also help make their costumes and props they will need in the play.

The groups started on their plays in January, working with Gayle at each Middle School, one day a week.
The Banting play was called: “Into The Future.”  The Como Lake play was “A Little Misunderstanding>”  Both of these plays were performed by the Kateslem Youth on the Banting Middle School gymnasium stage on April 11th to great response.  Summit Middle School will be having their performance at the end of April.

If you are interested in getting involved with this type of Theatre Program, please contact Gayle Hunter at re-act@shaw.ca  No previous acting experience is required.

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